Encourage Activity

We have been trying to be more active with our son.  He’s been signed up to be a part of the morning joggers at school.  And he’s been involved in basketball.

I think the best way to fight obesity in children is to encourage activity.

It’s not easy for parents.

Both parents working,  Juggling schedules. Trying to find time.

I have to!

I understand my own shortcomings and need to encourage activity.

All my life I never bothered to get off the couch . It has affected the quality of my life.

My husband and I are making plans to expand our activity. Make it a family affair.  He will be signing us up for a local gym with a pool and bowling alley.

When we talked about it I stressed we need to take the time together!

I keep working on it!

I have to encourage my son to be active but also I have to keep it up for me!


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