Basketball Mom Diaries

Our first basketball game!

I was a proud mama!

But I did get a little embarrassed by my son’s crazy antics!

The coach sent him out to the court and explained he needed to guard a player about the same height.  So he told him to guard #8.  I guess he didn’t believe his coach this kid was about the same height. He goes up to this kid looks him in the eyes and takes his hand to measure to make sure there was no difference.

A lot of the parents laughed.  I did smile.

The next time he was out in the middle of the court. I saw him scanning the stands for me.

“Hey Momma,” He yells.

“Yes,” I responded.

I was not sure what he was going to say.

“You need to make sure you cash that check at the bank from Grandpa so I can go to Best Buy.”

“Sure, no problem.” As all the parents laughed I tried to hide.  Even the game referee turned around and smirked at me.

As the boys ran up and down the court I saw my son getting fatigued.

All of a sudden he decided to run into the stands to me!

“Momma, my side hurts,” He was crying.

I was trying to comfort him.  The next minute his coach called time out and came sprinting over.

It looked like he was having a cramp in his side.

My son told me he was okay and went crying back to his seat on the bench.

At about this time all the moms were looking at me.  I took a second and went over to the bench across the gym.

“Hey, buddy,” I gently said, “If something hurts just tell your coach.”

I thought for sure things would calm down.

But I think my son was not fond of having to run down the court after the ball was turned over.

“What?” He would yell when the referee told him it was the other teams ball.  “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

As the ref jogged down the sideline and looked at me.

“You’ve gotta love these kids.”

I nodded!

It was actually a good game and his team lost by a couple of points.

In the car he was wailing and crying about the loss.

“You played so well!” I told him. “I’m proud of you.”

His response was priceless.

“I’m playing football next year! So there!”

I turned around and laughed.

A basketball mom’s diaries!

Gotta love it!


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