Holiday Eating Rules

It’s definitely game time for me.

The next few weeks will be filled with savory foods and delectable desserts.

So I have formulated my game plan and will put it into action.

I have set up some Holiday Eating Rules!

  1. Arm alarm-If there is food within arms length I will walk away.  If it is within reach I will eat!
  2. Don’t Budge for Fudge.  At work there’s always one person that brings that cookie tin in with the wax paper. It’s fudge time! This girl won’t budge for the fudge!
  3. Cookie Hooky – Instead of being the first one to the cookie platter I think I will be late! Also I’ll try to avoid it! But I’ll make sure to try a couple!
  4. Healthy Snack Attack – I’ll follow the fruit and vegetable route.
  5. One and done!  One plate and that’s it!
  6. Halt the salt!  Salty snacks like chips or peperoni will not be part of my list.  Instead I will go for the fresh options!
  7. Strip the dip. Everything is better with dip but it adds so much calories, fat and salt.  Moderation is best.
  8. Think and drink!  This is on 2 levels.  The things you drink like punch or alcohol add into your caloric intake!  But most importantly I need to be sober to be a responsible adult!

These are a couple of things I think that will help me eat healthier but still be able to enjoy the season!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Eating Rules

  1. These are awesome tips that I need to follow too! I think it’s important to still enjoy some treats in moderation though– I just have to sometimes remind myself what moderation is! 🙂

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