A Gift For You

Life is not the easiest thing to live

But it is the most rewarding thing we have

Love today

Hope for tomorrow

And Never Regret

For it is a gift

Made Specially

For You

I wrote this for people who are experiencing difficult times this Holiday Season.

My thoughts and prayers are with you!

The stress of the Holiday Season.

Bills piling up!

Loss of a special loved one.

In this season of joy people experience outpouring of emotions.

Happiness, elation, euphoria, sadness and grief.

Forget about the tangible gifts you can hold in your hands.

Reach for the intangible.

Things you are fortunate to have in your life!

Every morning you can start a new day!

A true gift.

Also make sure not to forget about people.

Give a smile or a helping hand.


Take time to be human!

I will!

A little gift for you this holiday season!

❤ Kim


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