A Christmas Memory

Every Christmas I reflect on some beautiful memories!

I enjoyed the benefits of having warm and loving parents as well as siblings.

Sometimes the presents were not as many as I wanted under the tree but love was a constant especially during the holidays.

As a family we would all pack in the car to do some Christmas shopping.  It was a chance to drive each other crazy and possibly cause my parents to go off the road due to the yelling, screaming and crying in the back seat.

I have to say some of my best memories were those hectic trips.

One Christmas as a teenager I remember going to a large shopping mall.  My mother ordered the troops to be at a certain spot at a designated time so that we could have lunch.

I made my way to a toy store and was admiring all the toys.  A young boy with his father was looking at the toys asking them from Santa.

The man seemed very upset with his requests.

“You know this may not be a good Christmas with Daddy being out of work. ” He told the little boy.

Without hesitation he replied. “Yes Daddy, I love you.”

He gave his father a hug.

My eyes smarted with tears.  I began to bawl.

There were times I told my parents I was not happy with my gifts.  I had been selfish and down right rude.  I was feeling quite ashamed!

When I made my way to my mother I was trying to tell her what happened but I kept breaking down.  She had gathered everyone for lunch.

Finally she prodded the details out of me.

We were all weeping.

And we sat together as a family.  We counted everyone of our blessings.

The trip home my sisters and I snuggled in the back.  My mother asked me to sing. She loved to hear my voice.  So I sang some of my favorite Christmas songs on that long ride home.

Hark the Herald Angels Sings and I’ll Be Home for Christmas.

I never forgot that little boy.  Every year I think of him and his father.

It taught me the best gift is being loved and having people that care.  It humbled me a child could be so accepting and gracious.

I needed to grow up and be thankful for the things I did have in life!

A wonderful Christmas memory!


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