A Letter To My Heart

Dear Heart,

It has been another year that we have lived together.

You have given me such love and insight on the world.

It takes only one moment to realize love provides a true gift to the masses. Allows us to share kindness and generosity.

I have to ask you one thing.

You must allow me to try new things. 

To stop being so defensive about my life and feelings.

I hear whisperings I must push myself forward.  To forget about the pain.

The pain of feeling that I am not good enough or that I can not fail in life.

I’ve always hidden from these maladies. Instead I will put my head high to be the person I was meant to be.

The world needs me to help heal wounds as well as portray a positive and enlightening image.  It needs me to share my struggles and to aid others in their own troubles.

There shall be tears!

I will want to seek refuge away from those that want to dash my hopes or put me down.

If I hide away the world will not share in my awakenings. One bright light will be extinguished.

I will try new things. Push myself forward in the world.  Forget about trying to stay safe.

There will be new endeavors.  Opportunities to spread my message.

So be strong for me!  Be my best friend and advocate.  Let the past lay dormant.  Allow the future to cultivate new beginnings!

Love and happiness provide the best inspiration.  I shall always lead with you!

My words will provide a sweet symphony of feelings and emotions for us to share!

And it will come straight from you!

My Dear Heart!

❤ Kim


4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Heart

  1. “If I hide away the world will not share in my awakenings. One bright light will be extinguished.” So beautiful,this encourages me to stay on the path to purpose…thanks!!

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