Defensive Eating

There’s defensive driving so I decided I need to be a defensive eater!

I have to watch out for all those little accidents waiting to happen.

Steer away from the buffet after one plate!

Put the brakes on at the dessert table!

Watch out for hidden dangers all along the food road.

Slow down!

Look at what is in front of me!

Keep track of how much gas I need!

Make sure the tires have air!

And everything is in good order and ready to go!

I did ok on Thanksgiving!

I had one plate of food and two small pieces of pie.

It went over my weight watcher points for the day!  I did use a quite a few of my extra points!

But I have to put this in perspective!

If I had to compare it to other years I watched the things I ate and was aware of my surroundings!

I stopped at the red lights. Proceeded with caution!

Defensive eating!

Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel!

🙂 Kim


2 thoughts on “Defensive Eating

  1. Well done, Kim. Perspective is important. I know in past years I’d have eaten 2 days worth of points at thanksgiving dinner. This year I stayed on track. I know you ate less with your defensive eating. Great analogy

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