Not a Doormat

This weekend I noticed a young couple.
The young man was being so mean to her.
He ridiculed her and grabbed her arm when she didn’t respond to his tirades.
I wanted to go over and ask why she took this treatment. She could walk away!
It reminds me of a time when I was about that age.
I began an ill fated relationship with a man a lot older than me.
We worked together and one night he stopped after work to see if I wanted to hang out.
I should have refused!
Instead I started to see him. It was funny because he didn’t stop talking to other woman. If he had something better to do he forgot my number.
After a couple months I began to grow tired of his treatment.
One night I refused to see him and he got mean.
The next time we went out he was condescending and hostile. I decided to leave and he grabbed my arm. I managed to make it out the door.
I was angry. I would never let him back in my life!
He tried to get me back. I refused! He was not worth my time or effort.
One night my roommate took a call. His father had passed away. He needed someone to talk to that night. I agreed to meet him. He picked me up and was so happy to see me.
After a little while he made a move on me. I got out of the car and slammed the door!
He was not going to walk back into my life!
I was not his doormat!
I needed to be with someone for the right reasons!


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