Workout Woes

I love to workout!

But it has been difficult lately.

Our instructor is great!

She has great energy and gives us a good workout.


For the last year it has been the same routines with the same music.

It seems like when new people join she pushes the routines to make them harder.  I’m not sure if she is trying to weed them out.

Also she likes to do the advanced moves in our classes.  I sometimes feel like she’s trying to show off her athletic prowess.

There are times I feel like she does not enjoy having people in her class that are not as physically fit. Like me!

I truly like her but I feel kind of in a funk.

I wonder is it is my own insecurities creeping in.

If I should take time off or talk to her about my feelings.

Exercise is so important but I want to enjoy it!

Feel like a part of the group!

🙂 Kim


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