The First Year

The first year.

My weight loss journey!

An important milestone for me.

You see in most of my weight loss endeavors I’ve never made it past the year mark.

In fact I would be on track for the first six months and fall off.

I got discouraged and felt trapped.

In my mind I could hear myself saying it’s ok to be morbidly obese.  But it really wasn’t ok with me.  These issues were tearing me apart and affecting my health.

The most important concept is to pick a day to start on the things you need to change in your life.

It should be an opportunity to get healthier and change your perspective.

You will fail or disappoint yourself in the process but keep moving.

There are so many memories from this first year.

The appointment with the doctor tipping the scales at one of my highest weights.

My apprehension for joining weight watchers.

Creating my blog and sharing it with you!

Tears I cried out of frustration.

Exercise classes with my peers.

Fitting in a size below 20.

Pushing and recognizing my limits.

Feeling healthy.

Telling myself it’s not ok to quit.

The future holds a lot of promise.

New goals and ideas!

I’m ready!


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