Eating A Hamburger Without the Bun

You would think eating a hamburger without a bun is not a big deal.

But to some people it’s a big deal.

It was my freshman year of college and I was several hours from home.

An extremely difficult time for me.

One thing that happened was I began to lose weight.  I found it to be exhilarating.

A fat girl looking her best for the first time in her life.

In fact the only thing I could control was my eating.  There were times I did not eat until late afternoon and skipped dinner.

But I found it worked.  It definitely was not a good thing!

I went home for a weekend and my mother made hamburgers.

Hamburgers are one of my favorites.  There were a lot of times I would eat two!

I had one hamburger without a bun.

“You’re eating it without the bun.” My younger sister asked.

In that moment my mother looked at me funny.  She noticed the weight I had lost in a short period of time That I was trying to control every piece of food that went in my mouth.

This memory popped in my head tonight when my husband had made burgers for dinner.

My mother could see I was having problems. She made it a priority to keep the lines of communication open with me.

All my life I have struggled with food but I have been fortunate to have a mother with an abundance of patience and compassion.

She extolled in me the virtues that I should love myself no matter the size or shape of my body.  Also it was her idea I seek help and try to find a happy medium in life.

I did gain back the weight I did lose.

But the best gain was a better sense of myself along with the belief I could change my life but I needed to work at it!

I always have kept this in my thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Eating A Hamburger Without the Bun

  1. Food can really get a hold on us and control our lives. I saw it with my mom and I have experienced it. It gets in your mindset and then it is all over from there. It takes A LOT of work to get that mindset changed. My mom was a size 22 and finally we worked together for her to lose the weight and she is in a size 8/10. She fluctuates a lot but now she if finally sticking. She reads my blog she said to stay motivated and now she has done it for so long that it has just stuck in her head. She was an emotional eater – HUGE emotional eater and so now she has learned that and how to fix the issues! That is one reason I keep my blog going. To keep her motivated and know that it CAN be done and once it is done to KEEP at it! Good luck on your journey! It is a hard one and much like a roller coaster ride! When you get there it becomes so much easier and you don’t question it anymore!

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