My Son’s Choice

So I had to ask my son the costume he wanted for Halloween.

The last couple of years he has been various superheroes and villain.

Some of my favorites were Batman and last year he was a pretty good Darth Vader.

He wanted to be “Spyro.”


Ok I had no idea.

I thought it may be a cute robot or action figure.

Well it’s a weird and strange purple fire breathing dragon from the Skylander game.

But I have to say I like his choice.  As he has grown he’s always been comfortable in making choices.  Something I was never good at when I was young.

So it will be hard to explain to the older people giving out candy the name of his costume.  The mask will be hard to wear and I’m sure the hands and feet will fall off.

But what is not to love about this costume!

It was my son’s choice!


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