Halloween Memories

I love Halloween.

The bright orange pumpkins carved into jack o lanterns, the spooky costumes and the different sights, smells and sounds..  Children chiming trick or treat. The kindness of strangers giving out candy.

It brings me back to my own memories.

The cool autumn nights we walked blocks in piles of leaves with our pillow cases collecting candy.

I remember the plastic masks you could not breathe out with the fresh smell of plastic.

And of course a couple of times mom would make us up as gypsies.

One of my favorite Halloween’s my older sister wore my Dad’s navy uniform.  We couldn’t believe all the buttons as well as the laces in the back.

Every Halloween there was someone in the bushes waiting to jump out and scare us to death.  My dad also seem to be delighted to scare us or any other kid that was around.

We would hear the monster mash. Marvel at some of the elaborate decorations.

Another favorite thing about Halloween was the time I spent with childhood friend named Rhoda.

If Rhoda found a house giving out great snacks she would visit it more than once.  Of course the people handing out the candy would give her a strange look but would fork over the candy.

One year an old lady on the block was giving out quarters.  Money was always appreciated.

Rhoda decided to keep going to the house to cash in.  Her costume was pretty unique as it was a paper mask we made in school with a red cape.

When she met up with us she told us about the lady giving out quarters so we hurried to the house.  Well Rhoda decided to give it a whirl.

“I have seen you several times.” The lady was looking at her and shaking her finger.

“I have not been here!.” She protested.

Well her daughter came up and admonished her for being that way.

She flipped a quarter into her bag.

“Don’t came back again!” She whispered in a low voice.

When I asked her how many times she had been there she replied seven times.

I shook my head and laughed. No wonder the old lady was mad!!

So I will bring my son out and make some new memories.

Enjoy the clever costumes.

Probably get scared a couple of times!

Halloween is one of the best times of the year!!!


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