The Things I Thought About Walking Down the Aisle

When our anniversary arrives I often sit and ponder the day.

I remember the day October 19, 2002 when we said our vows.

Vivid and wonderful memories.

Marriage is commitment.

Two people venturing out into life together.

Sharing a strong bond of love.

I remember the things I thought about walking down the aisle.

I thought about if I could live up to his expectations

Be a loving wife

Good friend

Bear him children

If I could keep the passion burning

Be the one he wanted for the rest of his life

I thought about our love

And the future

Things we would face together

And how we could go to bed every night happy

I thought about these things that day

But I still have them on my mind today

Love does not change

It grows

And becomes more that you expect it to be!


One thought on “The Things I Thought About Walking Down the Aisle

  1. Good post! Made me also think about our anniversary 12-years ago which was on 8/4/02. While our life has taken quite a turn from what I originally thought it was going to be walking down the isle, the common these still remains, love. Happy Anniversary!

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