Facing Myself

I just want to let you all know I could scream right now!

It just seems like I can’t lose any weight.

I had been dodging weight watchers so I decided to go and find out the things I already knew.

A few pounds had crept back on.

After I got weighed my face turned red and spirits took a huge nosedive.

But I understand the importance of facing myself as well as the fear I have built up inside.

The worst part I wish I had a little fun gaining this excess baggage but I have been exercising and eating well.  Of course with a few exceptions.

I get scared.  It sometimes make me feel I have set unattainable goals or even worse I am a total failure.

But I’ll suck it up! Keep moving!  Ask you for your support!

The best thing I have done is to face my problems head on!

It’s the hardest thing for me!

Thanks for listening and being a friend!

❤ Kim


4 thoughts on “Facing Myself

  1. Facing them is the first step! Make sure you are setting small goals…attaining them (I set 5# increments with non-food rewards when I gain them) and getting your reward will help fuel the incentive for the next level. ❤

  2. Good for you for facing this head on! Don’t ever forget, you are not, NOT, a total failure!! Focus on all you have accomplished and be proud of eating well and exercising- that is very hard to do, but you’re doing it!

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