Chipping Away

It’s been challenging the last few months for me.

The weight has not been melting away.

It seems like my emotions can range from exuberance in one moment to absolute dread and sadness.

I think its part of my journey.  As I work on myself and keep chipping away at the different layers.

I keep exposing myself and feelings to the people around me.  My goal is to portray an image that I have it all under control with a keen focus on the things I need to accomplish.

But at times its not true.

There will be times when I feel a layer open to the world I want to go back and hide again.

I never want someone to ridicule me or think that I am weak.

Be that girl feeling alone and isolated.

In these times I have to let go of the past and allow my self to grow personally.

You have to face your feelings and problems head on.  The reason I was in such bad shape was that I was willing to look away and ignore the things right before my eyes.

It part of the chipping away process.

It tells you no matter what to keep going and be open to the world and the people in your life.

❤ Kim


One thought on “Chipping Away

  1. I’m working through this right now. The weight loss is happening for me, but I’m trying to come to terms with my self esteem, feeling lonely, losing myself, etc. I’m always pulled together and strong, never vulnerable to the world. I’m just starting to realize that I’m allowed to have emotions other than happiness and I’m allowed to admit them and move on! Good luck in letting go of the past and pushing on!

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