Only Natural To Me

It’s Monday!

A new weeks starts.

I was so good today. I planned my meals.  Included fresh vegetables and lean proteins.

Then I came home and just wanted to gorge.

It comes only natural to me.

I have done this my entire life.

One moment I’m sensibly eating and the next minute it feels like I can’t stop.

The moment I stop I realize I have blown it for the day.

All day I have practiced great self control.

Checked labels.

Made sure to pay attention to portions.

I ask myself the same question.


Instead of asking the question I must continue to work on answers.

Maybe I should have had a little snack before I went home.

Or maybe I should tell my husband to make me a portion friendly plate and that’s it.

Another way would be to make sure there are no leftovers when cooking the food.

I’m not sure the exact answer but I’ll keep trying.

It imperative I keep focused.

It too easy to do the things that feel only natural to me!



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