Circle of My Life

October will always be my favorite month.

This October 19th my husband and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.

Our relationship represents the circle of my life!

It makes me laugh to remember our first few days as a couple.

At first I tried to be was distant with him. It frightened me to be totally infatuated with this man.

He’d ask me how I felt about us. I would tell I liked and had feelings for him.

One day he kept telling me that I just didn’t like him that I loved him.  I fought these words for awhile but I finally had to admit my love.  He grabbed and embraced me.

In fact boasted he was waiting to hear those words.

A part of me wanted to run and hide but often I found myself bursting with feelings as I could not get enough.

It was quite a long time before he asked to marry me.  There were a couple of times I became disheartened and frustrated with the situation.

But he wanted the best time to propose. He picked the ring out himself and was so proud of it.

My mother told me his face beamed with pride and his hands shook when he showed it to her.

The night he slipped it on my finger was at my sister’s wedding with all my family and friends watching.

As we danced together I laid my head on his chest and let the tears flow.

Our wedding day was wonderful.

He had cautioned me not to cry during our vows.  Instead when he began to put the ring on my finger and recite the vows his voice quavered and he was close to tears.

Of course I could not control the waterworks but I did bring some comedy relief by almost putting his ring on the finger of wrong hand!

I enjoy these rings on my finger!

It is a testament of our relationship as well as an everlasting bond between us.

Love is powerful and uplifting.

It gives us the good with the bad, tests our resolve and brings to the forefront the things which matter the most.

Like the rings I wear our love is a circle that continues on.

Everyday I am so thankful he is in my life.



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