Girl In the Back Row

I’m the girl in the back row

Hoping that you don’t notice me

Sweat is pouring off my face

With crimson red cheeks

Gasping for air

Overweight and older

Makeup strewn all over my face

Desperately keeping up with the pace

Not a pretty sight

Please don’t discount me

Because I’m still smiling

Giving it what I have

From my heart

One a quitter

Now a fighter

Terrified people are laughing at me

But I refuse to feel I don’t belong

I’m here to stay

Help me to my goals

Give me your support

I may not keep up

But with help and guidance

I can take it to the next level

So when I’m in the back row

Flash me a smile

Give me a wink

Let me know you understand

I just want to exist

In this new world

To feel stronger

Every day

To define my life

On my own terms

One new day at a time

For the girl in the back row


10 thoughts on “Girl In the Back Row

  1. A 🙂 and a 😉 ….and I’m in the back row along side you! No matter if someone jeers…you are doing it and getting stronger every day. It won’t be long, and you will be following along with ease, giving a smile and a wink of encouragement to the newbie in the back row. ❤

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