The Importance of a Birthday Cake

On my husband’s birthday one of the most important things I do to is to make sure he has a birthday cake.

As a child he was not exposed to the best environment.

He was often left alone with his two younger brothers while his mother and stepfather went out to drink and take drugs.

There often were no birthday party celebrations or acknowledgements. He even told me one year he had to make his own cake.

I feel his pain inside because for a child to feel unwanted must be the hardest thing to accept.  It has taken him his entire life to come to grips with his feelings. It’s something which still bothers him.

So this birthday I made him a small cake just for him and our son.  It was pretty cute!

If I made a large cake I would be eating the leftovers!

I sat there watching him enjoy it.

Sometimes I wish I could take his pain away.  But unfortunately I can’t.

But I can love him and let him know in every way he matters the most to me!


7 thoughts on “The Importance of a Birthday Cake

  1. I wish there was a “love” button to click, or at least a way to hit “like” a thousand times. I hope your hubby’s b-day was the most awesome ever! You’re a very sweet wife and I’m sure he knows it. My husband had a similar childhood of neglect due to alcoholic parents. He’s so appreciative of everything I do for him and so spoiling and caring of our children because of wanting to be the opposite of his own parents. Have a lovely day, my friend! 🙂 ❤

  2. Did you say cake? I’ll be right over. 🙂 I don’t understand parents who don’t make their children a priority. But I love children who rise above the struggles they face and become amazing parents one day. Your children are the blessed ones now.

  3. It’s amazing when we can show another person love especially when they’ve been denied it. He’s so lucky to have you, it’s clear how warm and loving you are and so supportive of your blogging ‘family’ so one can only imagine what a special person you are in reality. I love that cake wasn’t given a miss entirely, birthday cake is the most important thing ever 😀

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