Really Not Fair

I am comfortably sleeping in bed with the blankets tucked around me snuggling with my love.

When all of a sudden an eight year old dives bombs into the bed.

I think he must of took out all of my internal organ.

It’s several minutes of trying to convince him to move but he’s not budging.  He snuggles in under the blankets and manages to get the best real estate in the middle of the bed.

So he moves in and begins his plan to oust me from the bed.

I first take a good hit to the lower back from his foot.

He then gives me a good slap on the head with his flailing arm.

I decide I can not take the abuse and vacate the area.

The moment I get up he sprawls out on my side and takes full advantage of sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

I just want to say it’s really not fair!!!


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