First Fall Day

On the first fall day the grey skies are lined with clouds giving an ominous picture of future weather patterns.

The temperature has dipped to cooler temperatures and the air has a chill in it that we have not experienced for months.

In all of this gloom the landscape provides serenity with its abundance of yellow, orange and red.

Farm stands dot the roadways with bright orange pumpkins, an abundance of home grown fruits and vegetables as well as festive fall decorations.

You can see people wearing flannels, sweaters and sweatshirts while navigating the fall celebrations.  Individuals take advantage of warm beverages and of course can’t wait to try some sweet apple cider.

Apple orchards are filled with people picking the newest crop.  You see the young children scrambling around to pick apples off the ground with the adults reaching into the tree for the perfect apples.

I hope the pictures illustrate my love for fall.

It’s like my mind takes snapshots and I see the beauty in this simplicity.

An everlasting tapestry of beauty.

Today feels like the first fall day in Upstate New York!



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