The Saddest Day

In life there are many moments which bring back vivid and intense memories.

As many Americans, the 9/11 attacks bring that terrible day back in focus for me.

A beautiful September day seemed like it would never end.

People walked the streets in clouds of dust feeling lost and afraid.

Family members were desperately searching for loved ones and hoping for any signs of life.

Millions watched in awe as the events of the day unfolded before their eyes.

The first steps were the hardest. People sought answers as well as a release from intense sorrow.

Our society rallied around the tragedy to bring relief to people that were suffering.

It didn’t matter if you were searching for victims, handing out water, donating money or just helping others cope.

You felt obligated to lend a hand.

An amazing testament to the American spirit.

My life changed after that day.

I noticed when the emergency testing went off or a breaking news story broke on the television I immediately stopped and listened.

I felt vulnerable.

There was a lot more fear of the unknown.

The best thing which happened was that people continued to live life.

On the anniversary we share our feelings and experiences on that September day.

I mourn the for the innocent victims and their families.  I will never cry enough tears for their pain.

But it makes me remember the legacy of the beautiful people taken from us as well as the people which were left without a loved one. It transcends the different generations and has opened our eyes to the world.  It has has created an everlasting day of reflection and remembrance.

I would say it is one of the saddest days in our history.


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