Weight loss is like a puzzle.  If you put the right pieces together you get a better picture. 

Often people get mired in looking for answers or using gimmicks to slim down.

In my mind weight loss is a triumvirate, a set of three distinct parts which empower a person to success.

It involves the body, mind and spirit.

The body centers around the exercise and the way you feel.  If we take care of ourselves and exercise the body will respond to the changes.

The mind makes the decisions.  It provides our rational thinking as well as our desire to get fit.  So it helps you portion your food or make better decisions. The mind comprehends the changes which need to be made and works in conjunction with the body.

Spirit involves the body and mind as well as other intangible features.  These features can be courage, motivation, perseverance, desire and hope.  We can make all changes to benefit the body and mind but if we fail to take into account our feelings it may not last or it may not fulfill a person’s needs.

I have worked on all three of these principles. 

I exercise. Listen to my body. 

In my mind I think out the things I need to do and make it happen. 

With my spirit I inspire myself to keep working.





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