Sometimes I Wonder

I go to my workout class today ready for action. 

But sometimes I wonder the reason I keep trying.

I’m definitely not as athletic as some people. 

I think half of the class is 20 years younger than me.

It’s just something I started which I have no plans on stopping.

The wondering part is just pesky insecurities that have been haunting me for decades.

So I go ahead and work out. 

I still wonder but I put it on the shelf where it belongs.

It’s worth everything I put into it!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wonder

  1. I know that feeling, I’ve done it with almost every exercise I’ve started to do but when I put myself into it and start to get something out of it I realise that it’s such an important part of getting a healthy body and mind. Keep going it is doing you some good.

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