The Tiniest Member of Our Family

Today was a party for my niece that turned ten years old. 

My mind wanders back to the day she was born.

A tiny little baby that was born a little early.

Tipping the scales at only 4 pounds. 

I remember seeing her after she was born and felt in awe she was so tiny yet so strong.  She loudly cried and was wigging all over. 

When I held her my arms trembled.  She fit in the crook of my arm.  Her eyes were focused on me.  There was an IV in her arm and I heard a little whimper because it must have bothered her.

 Every day that little baby grew some.

After about a month she came home to the loving arms of our family.

When I look at her now I can’t help to remember those first days. 

 She loves to dress up, adores her dolls and likes to spend time with her Aunt! 

My Girl!

I will always remember when she was the tiniest member of our family!


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