The Tide is Turning

The last of few weeks have been difficult.  I really have not lost any weight!  But I have been trying. 

Days at the gym.

Counting my points.

Using everything imaginable to lift my spirits.

Remain positive.

It’s like swimming in the ocean.  You swim with the tide which whisks your body into the open water. 

Try to swim against the tide and you find yourself struggling to keep going as well as stay afloat. 

It seems so strong and it is a force that requires your effort.

Weight loss is like swimming against the tide. 

You have to stay focused.

Not be concerned with the waves crashing around.  The currents trying to pull you out to sea. 

It takes time to become accustomed to its strength.

I stepped on the scale Thursday and lost 1.2 pounds. 

54 pounds lost.

It brought out quite a bit of emotion for me. 

I keep kicking my legs and moving my arms. 

Looking out to the horizon! 

Pushing my boundaries!

I think the tide is turning!



8 thoughts on “The Tide is Turning

  1. Beautifully written, we have to keep moving, keep fighting or we’ll be dragged back into the ocean. Everyday is a struggle but we’ll get there in the end. Well done on your loss 🙂

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