The Things I Lacked

Often I find myself asking the reasons I keep on trying to lose weight and get healthy. 

It brings me back to a point when I didn’t care about my health or my life for that matter. 

I lacked so many things in my life. 

Think of the times you didn’t care about yourself .

The ways it affects your life! 

It opens your eyes and makes you think!!

It’s a promise to keep working. Find new direction in life!  Work on life skills!!!

I made a list of things that I lacked before this journey. 

Accountability I was not able to account for my actions.  I would binge and not watch the things I ate.  I learned I am in control. It’s essential to make better choices and decisions
Fortitude There was no strength or mental toughness.  If something was too hard I avoided it  and made excuses.  Now I have to try! And not quit!
Desire There was no desire to change my life.  In fact I had accepted I would always be fat. Since I failed so many times there was no chance I would succeed.  Find the reasons you long for a change and make it a reality.
Passion I found there was no urgency or drive to reach my goals.  There were moments I would think I could do it but I lacked that spirit and fire from within.  Now I feel a passion to reach my goals!
Organization There has to be a strategy and a well thought out plan for success.  The weight was not going to melt off by itself.  By working on my organization skills it allowed opportunities to plan meals and find time to exercise.
Confidence I was scared!  The thought of people making fun of me kept me away from activities.  More confidence has allowed me to attempt new things and given me a new purpose.
Self Worth I thought I did not matter.  These feelings have been put away.  I comprehend the importance of being me!
Vision If you can see success in your future it will provide a well lit path.  The chance to visualize goals has afforded me the chance to look for change and to forge ahead on my journey.




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