Boy of Summer

Summer vacation is about taking time to relax and enjoy your free time.  My son has taken full advantage of this.  He has made a couple trips to amusement parks, been swimming quite a few times and has enjoyed time playing video games.

I’ve asked him about school a couple of times and I’ve gotten a lukewarm response.  It’s not going to be easy for him going from a relaxing and free atmosphere to the confines of school.  So I keep telling him school is coming!

He’s definitely a boy of summer and not a great fan of the fall!


4 thoughts on “Boy of Summer

  1. Your son shares the sentiments of my youth it seems. I, too, preferred the summer life, and somewhat dreaded going back in September. The good news is I had a mom who drove me to get my act together quickly. I am confident your son does too!

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