Labor of Love

As I sit and enjoy the rainy Labor Day Weekend I’m stuck thinking about the things that I work on every day which provide meaning to my life. 

A great exercise is to write out the things that expend your body, mind and soul. 

In my younger years I was remiss because I believed the good things in life should come to me. 

The work I needed would be later in my life. 

My preconceived notions were misguided.

We must use our energy to live a fruitful life from the moment we land on this earth until our life journey ends. 

A true labor of love!

Happy Labor Day!! Enjoy!!

                                                                                        Kim’s Labors of Love
My Child This morning he sat in my arms and told me he loved me so much.  It’s all I have to say as the words make me feel content and fulfilled.  At one time I resigned myself I may not be able to get pregnant.  God handed me the best gift  ever.  I will work on loving and nurturing my child. It is the best labor of love!
Marriage Often I find it difficult to stay on an even keel with my feelings.  There are times I am so happy but other times kind of miserable.  When you love someone it’s about living together as well as making it work.  A marriage takes work in in conjunction with commitment from two willing partners.  It intertwines emotion, love , passion, affection and companionship.  It’s like a ship at sea.  At times the waters are calm while other times there is turbulence and a lot of waves.  In my husband I found  a life partner and eternal love.
Relationships People are important! A simple statement that reflects a basic ideal.  In my youth I found I failed to commit to family or friends.  I wanted them to be there for me but I lacked the same level of devotion.  Work on being a better listener, supporter, contributor and friend.  Put aside the me and start with the we!
Education Wasting your mind is one of the worst things in life.   Out of high school I attended college only to find it was not a true passion for me. It left me disillusioned.  So I worked on a business degree.  Began to write every day.  Set goals for the future and allocate time to work on intellectual endeavors.
Health You only have one life to live.  A person has to put forth effort to stay and keep healthy.  There are no guarantees in life.  I have a lot of life to live but I need to change now!
Writing All it takes is a pen and piece of paper for me to feel exhilarated.  The words give my life meaning and create great joy.  

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