A long weekend for me and a chance to do a little housekeeping. 

I have gone through all my sons clothes for school, cleaned out a couple closets and have thrown out quite a bit of junk. 

Also I have done some personal housekeeping.  It important to organize your life and clean up your eating habits to ensure future weight loss success!

So I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve done for my personal housekeeping!

Kim’s Housekeeping
Drink water I have been making sure to fill my tervis mugs with ice and water.  Also I have used lemons and blueberries to enhance the flavor.
Eat A Filling Breakfast I need a good breakfast to keep me on track. I was trying yogurt with fruit in the morning but I often found myself hungry.  One thing I have done is to take 2 eggs and microwave them in a ramekin with a whole wheat English muffin and a slice of cheese.  It’s helps satisfy my hunger.
Quiet Time Break I think about a half an hour quiet time at night is important.  It’s time for me to sit with no distractions and think about nothing.
Meal Time Decisions It’s important to think out your meals.  Instead of throwing them together a good plan will help make the best decisions,
Better Tracking As a member of weight watchers I often forget to track.  One thing I do now is always have a pen and paper available.  At work I write down the things I eat.  It’s great because my coworker that sits next to me has been doing the same thing.
Remain Positive The best thing I do is to remain positive no matter the situation.  I find thinking the best helps to keep you focused and prevents relapses into bad habits.
Every Step Counts If I exercise I put what I have into it.  The more sweat the better.  As my fitness instructor says all the time every step you make counts!

One thought on “Housekeeping

  1. Some excellent organizing. I like that the way you’ve intertwined physical and personal organizing – both are equally important. I’m dreading cleaning my twins room. Its so messy, I wouldn’t be surprised if a monster was under their beds. 🙂

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