A New Commitment

Tuesday night I came home from work and sat down next to my husband.

“I’ve had some chest pain again.” He said.

I felt myself getting excited and upset. 

About 2 years ago he was snow blowing when he began to feel pain in his chest. 

After several visits to the emergency room and a couple of tests it was determined there was a little build up of plaque on his artery. He was prescribed some medication for his cholesterol and well as a baby aspirin. 

“I think its reflux.”

I sighed.

I sat in bed most of the night thinking about him.  When he tells me these things I get scared that something may happen. 

He may think it is something else.  But is it?

We had been losing weight together and he’s slacked off.  The last couple weeks he has been telling me he wants to get back on track.  I feel he’s ready again. 

A new commitment. 



4 thoughts on “A New Commitment

  1. Thoughts and prayers with the two of you. Hopefully a doctor will confirm that he’s ok. And, it is good for the two of you to be on track together.

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