You Will Never Leave Me

My heart sings a mournful and lonely song

About our love and relationship

How our lives keep going along

I remember your words

Give me a chance I shall say

You may leave this earth

But you will be with me every day

I suffer in silence

And hold you in my arms

Forgive any wrongdoings

Enamored by your charms

You made me the person

I have become

A pillar of strength

You are the one

That gave me love

And the will to survive

Kept me whole

Always made me feel alive

I remember the times

We would discuss our fears

It brought us pain

With fountains of tears

Of a last goodbye

A day of no regret

 Chances to reminisce

And never forget

I understand your thinking

It’s still hard to accept

You’ve got a world worth of living

And God shall not take you yet

I will help you fight

For every breathing and beating day

It will take everything you have

Until you let yourself break away

I hear your voice

It lets me see

The moment your gone

You will never leave me



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