So I have been in a rut. 

I haven’t lost any but I have not gained any back.  I need to push myself a little more to get over this hump.  Here are a list of things I need to do and where I would like to be by Mid September early October.

  • Watch my portion sizes
  • Make sure to measure
  • More exercise on the weekend
  • Track the things I eat
  • Pack lunch for work
  • Continue to be positive
  • Be a size 10-12
  • Weight loss 60 pounds or more
  • Blood pressure to be better under control
  • Improved numbers on my blood work
  • Lower BMI numbers this fall
  • Love myself
  • Say every day I’m worth it
  • Gain momentum
  • Don’t look back

8 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. Never forget how far you have come even if you are “stuck” at the moment. Treading water sure beats sinking or having a current pulling you backward.

  2. You can do it! Don’t overwhelm yourself with a list, instead ake mini goals. Not just those pertaining to weight loss, but perhaps starting with one simple thing. Such as drinking more water, and less, anything sugary or increasing excercise by 10 more minutes. You can do it!! I notice when my peers drink water over their usual drinks they tend to make better food choices. This alone will exponentially keep your blood pressure under control as you filter out all the sodium and toxins in your system via your pee 😉

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