A Prayer for the Girls

Like most Americans a news story can grab my attention. 

The abduction of the two little Amish girls from Northern New York upset me in every way.  I could not bear to listen to the news because I was afraid of the things I might hear. 

I laid in my bed looking up at the wall feeling so hopeless. 

Children are so beautiful and innocent. 

“Please God! Send the girls home!”  I prayed with my hands together looking upwards.

I believe God answered my prayers as the captors freed the girls.

The thought that evil exists in the world frightens me!  I think of my son and I try to make him prepared for the outside world. 

But I will not exist in the negative.

Good shall prevail.

I will keep those two little girls close to my heart. 

My hope is that they are warm, fed and safe! 


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