Changes in the Weather

In Upstate New York the transition from August to September signifies a change in the weather. 

The nights seem a little colder and the winds a little stronger. 

The trees begin to change colors. 

There seems to be a harmonious peace which develops among the mountains and the countryside. 

The signs of the harvest are proudly displayed in roadside stands.

People can be seen enjoying the beauty as well bountiful time of year. 

My heart brims with happiness.  

As there is nothing as beautiful as a maple tree with the bright colors of red and orange littering the ground.  Or fluffy clouds with the shine shining brightly in the fall sky. The bright orange pumpkins standing out in the patches or apples falling off the trees.

I love crunchy apples and cold fresh cider.  And the scents of apple pie from the oven.

I can see, hear, smell and feel the changes. 

This is my favorite time of year. 

Each fall I enjoy what my world has to offer here among the country scenery. 


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