Another Person’s Pain

It’s hard to imagine

Thoughts that go through someone’s head

The person may look happy on the exterior

But on the inside there is much turmoil

With smiles on their face

That do not share true feelings

For tomorrow is a scary prospect

Living is not a joy

Getting out of bed seems almost impossible

If you have ever been there

You would know

One day gets you better

The next takes you to the brink

You beg your mind

To let you enjoy

The things the world has to offer

It is to no avail for some

But things happen in life

I shall not judge you

And will mourn your loss

Your exuberance for laughter

The kindness of your face

Intangible things which made our lives better

A tapestry of memories

Wrapped around a legacy of suffering

Unable to fathom the decision

Trying to comprehend

Another person’s pain

I wrote this in honor of Robin Williams. We will continue to talk about his untimely death and lament on the passing of a wonderful human being.
The best thing to do is not to judge and to help others so we can stop these tragedies.
❤ Kim


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