Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

I have to ask myself this question.

I get so disheartened.

A lot of effort with sometimes no rewards.

You make great progress and then it seems like it stops.

A world filled with temptations!

Trying to avoid these obstacles and stay on track.

If I decided to gain weight I’d have no problems. The pounds would find their way back with no problems.

But instead I want to lose it!

My workout today left me feeling kind of down. It was like I was not as strong as I wanted to be.

Those little voices were swirling in my head.

You won’t get there! Stop fooling yourself! You will always be fat!

So I sit here at my computer typing away. I have so much fear and angst. These weak periods test me and make me ask the reasons I continue on this journey.

But it’s for me and my life.

The sore muscles will feel better.

My pride and self confidence will be built back up again.

I hear the words its not a number game.

It’s time to get healthy!!

I still feel down but sharing my feelings gives me a chance to refocus and accept the challenges.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Because you have to keep trying harder for it to make a difference.

Thanks for listening!!



12 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to lose weight?

  1. I feel you….it’s so frustrating when you are doing everything you should be doing and don’t see a change but have one chip and boom…5lbs pack on! Just stay focused and you will do it!

  2. It is hard, Kim, but everything positive you do gets you a little bit closer to your goal. You can do it!! You’ve made so much progress!
    Do you ever try drinking hot tea with Stevia to help curb your appetite? I found a chocolate mint oolong tea that’s pretty good.

  3. I feel the same way – it’s so hard! And losing weight is one of the only things that makes you work harder and harder to continue succeeding at it! It’s disheartening because you know that even when you do finally get there, you’ll have to fight to keep your reward – I guess that’s what makes it worth it, though. If I really want it, I have to fight for it – maybe I’ll appreciate it more when I get there…..

    I hope you start seeing some large numbers coming off!!

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