A Good Laugh

Last night I was trying to sleep.

I just started laughing.

I was thinking of a prank a friend told me about and it just kept me in stiches. 

For ten straight minutes I just laughed like crazy. 

When I stopped I could feel my insides start moving and then I would burst out in laughter. 

After my laughing fit I felt really good. 

I feel that everyone should have a good laugh for the day!

Top priority!!

So I was thinking of things that make me laugh.

My husband, I’m not sure what it is but he has done some good ones in the past.  One good example are those parachute pants with the lining.  He came home one day the back end had blown out on them.  I told him the whole back end of his pants were obliterated! “Maybe that’s why that guy was looking at me funny.” You think!

Another sure fire ways to make me laugh is when I am out and about and someone trips.  The person tries to play it off like nothing happened. They turn around and look to make sure no one sees them.  Of course I am trying so hard not to bust a gut!

A funny video on tv or the internet.  My favorite involve animals because there are some crazy things that they do! 

My sisters. When we were young and even now get us together and there are lots of giggles.  It doesn’t matter what it is if one does or sees something funny we all get the laughing bug!

And of course I love to laugh at myself.  It might be the silliest thing and I just will laugh and laugh.  I try so hard not to be but I’m off and there’s no stopping.  Someone will tell a joke and I will keep it in my mind.  I also have a bad habit of missing up my words.  Once I worked at an ice cream place and I meant to say a bunch of boxes got knocked down, instead I used the word up. The reaction from the customers was priceless.

Or if something funny happens or strikes me as funny it causes me to chuckle.  I may trip myself and catch myself getting a little giddy.

Happy Saturday!! Keep laughing!!



One thought on “A Good Laugh

  1. You sound like me! When I get the giggles, I can’t hold back. My best friend dies laughing when someone trips or falls. She’s had a good laugh from me several times in the 32 years that we’ve been best friends. She still giggles over my walking into a parking meter (when I was 18) because I was too busy talking to pay attention to where I was going.

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