I Told Him I was Sorry

Last night my son was having a hard time falling asleep.  I laid down in bed next to him.  I stroked his hair and told him how much I loved him.  He just could not settle down.

“I am lonely without you Momma.”

We discussed how I needed to work and that Daddy needed to take care of him during the day.  There was not much I could do to change things.

“Are you sorry?” He asked.

“Sorry for what?” I inquired.

“That you have to leave me.”

The tears welled in my eyes and I hugged him a little tighter.  I explained I needed to work for us to have food, clothes, shelter as well as his video games. 

I sat there thinking about him. Feeling guilty. 

But I try my best to love him and give him the things he needs and want.  I am glad I told him I was sorry.  It’s never easy for a mother to leave a child.

I am fortunate I have the support of my husband.

As he was falling asleep I smiled. 

It’s a blessing to be loved! 

No matter where I am my thoughts always think of him. 

As he nestled beneath the blankets and began a light snore I wanted to tell him one last thing.

” Momma’s always with you!!” I softly whispered.


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