Not Sure What He Meant

So last weekend I went out with a friend.  I went to give my husband a kiss. 

He is not used to me going out at all as I am a homebody a lot of the time. 

“Just remember you’re married,” He said.

I stood back for a moment and looked at him.

He tried to play it off as a joke but I think my losing some weight has made him a little nervous as well as possibly jealous.

When I started we were both working at it but he has fallen off the wagon a little bit and gained a couple pounds back. 

I guess the things I want to tell him are as follows

You are the love of my life!

I need you in my life!

It’s exciting to be able to wear new things

And to look good in clothes

I feel so much better I want to live

I will help you get back on track

Just keep loving me!!



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