I am not broken


In the movie Antwone Fisher a young man goes back to face his tormentors in his life.  He faces them and lets them know their actions have not broken his spirit or will.  The young man has arisen from the ashes of his younger days.

My heartache can not measure the one portrayed in the movie.  Yet I feel the same powerful sentiments.

In high school I was overweight, not the best dressed and overall an outcast.  I was the target of endless abuse by my classmates.  One of the worst groups was a table of guys at lunch.  They made fun of my clothes, hair and glasses. Their nickname for me was “Trashy”. When I’d take a bite of food they would ridicule me for eating or if I passed by they would hurl an insult at me.

Every day I held my breath and learned to accept the pain.  I fell more and more in hopelessness. The only thing that saved my sanity was the love from my family and friends.

The day I left high school my life changed for the better

It has taken over 20 years for me to come to grips with my feelings.  These young men meant nothing to my life.  In fact I harbor no ill will and wish them the best in their lives.  I survived their abuse.

If I were to face them today I would tell them they were heartless and callous individuals.  I would tell them I forgive them and pray they have learned how to be kind as well as a decent human beings.

The best thing I can do is share my words with an audience.  My words are heartfelt and real.  There are no more tears.  I have to say these difficult times have made me a better person. 

Given me the strength to point out things that I feel are not right and share a wealth of humanity, love and encouragement.

A person is not broken if they can share experiences and provide valuable insight to others.  Life is meant to be lived with kindness and respect.  People that enjoy hurting others lack the basic fundamentals of life. 

Instead of hate feel sorrow for those that derive happiness by giving others pain.

A broken spirit shall be mended by time.  It will give the tormented person a legacy of hurt but also the will to appreciate and love the world.

I am not broken!  In fact I’m the better person!


One thought on “I am not broken

  1. That is so true that our hardships help us to appreciate things more. It’s not always easy to see that though. Good for you for putting that behind you and moving on with positive thoughts and actions that will help you and others live a better life!

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