Lost & Found

Ok I decided to make a lost & found

Lost my waistline but I think I finally found it!

Lost my confidence but now its been found, I don’t think it left, it was just hiding!

Lost my willpower but it has been found! With a couple of notable exceptions 🙂

Lost my energy but I found it while I was exercising!

Lost my desire to sit on the couch while snacking but found other things I could do like blogging!!!!

Lost my desire to snack on food like chips and cookies but found a lot of great fruits and veggies!!

Lost my tendency to procrastinate and found out how nice it is to be proactive

Lost my I don’t care attitude and found a better one in its place

Lost a good amount of weight and have found a new way to live!!





One thought on “Lost & Found

  1. Yay! What an awesome post… it’s so good to weigh up the positives from a lifestyle change and not just making it about the numbers of pounds lost. I think these things and focusing on them are one of the big differences for me, it’s about the whole picture not just the pounds on the scales anymore.

    Keep going there are more gains to be had I am sure of that 😀

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