Proper Perspective

Perspective is a wonderful thing. 

It gives you an outlook on the things which have happened in your life. 

A way to rationalize behaviors. 

It can be your friend or worst enemy. 

Lets you see the truth.

In October 2013 I truly did not have the proper perspective. 

I was always going to be fat!

There was nothing I could do to change it! 

I might not live as long as I wanted.

No desire to change. 

I was wrong. 

One day I decided to change.

I had all the necessary tools to take back my life.   

The world owed me nothing.

 If I took the initiative I could live healthy. 

Perspective is key. 

For there is nothing as beautiful as being committed or inspired. 

And life waits until you grasp it in your hand and you believe in yourself!

Today I think I sweated more than I ever have in the gym.  

These moments are capstones in my life. 

So many changes for the better!



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