People that Don’t Love to Eat

Yesterday I was talking with a lady that said she doesn’t love to eat.

In fact it’s not one of her priorities in her life!


I get up every morning and think about all the foods I would love to enjoy!

So a person that tells me this makes me wonder!

How can their feelings be do different from mine?

When I had visits with my doctor we discussed the different things which went into being overweight. The factors revolve around your personal history, family as well as genetic makeup.

A lot of my favorite memories surrounded foods. The Sunday dinners with roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.

A family get together or party with all sorts of delights, cakes and cookies.

As a child a good report card meant some soft serve. On a hot day cold ice cream would be a welcome reward. Or on cold days some hot cocoa with cinnamon toast or a savory beef stew with dumplings.

Eating to me represents comfort, love and family!

Maybe that’s why I love it so much!!


7 thoughts on “People that Don’t Love to Eat

  1. Interesting post. I was always someone who didn’t love to eat and still am to this day. I see food as a necessary substance in order to survive but do not enjoy it. Being the pickiest eater, I only ate certain food groups. How did I get obese with my lack of love for eating? Ate too much of one thing. Now, I’m trying to spread the platter.

  2. There are many women who value the advantages of being trim over the taste of food. I can not relate to how they manage that and am quite sure they can not relate to the likes of me.

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