I Can’t Understand

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to come to terms about the death of a toddler in a hot vehicle. The parent left the child in the car.

I can’t understand!

The first few days I would become very emotional or feel quite ill.

Like all things in life we have to accept the good and bad. Reach inside and realize life will not always be sunshine or rainbows. That other people may not share our positive outlooks or love and value of human life.

I wish I could erase this horrible incident. So that I don’t have to think about it every night when I hear it in the news or see it in the paper.

But I can’t.

So I come to terms with my feelings. I hold my child a little tighter. Make sure the people in my life are aware of the adoration and love I have for them.

Also I pray for others! I ask for help to save those in need and to provide comfort, strength and guidance.

The other day I was watching the news and I saw some individuals breaking a window on a car that had a child in it on a hot day.

I sat there and nodded my head for a moment.

Other people feel the same pain. This moment will be etched forever in our minds and will save lives in the future.

I can’t understand!

But I can cope with my feelings.


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Understand

  1. It upsets me to hear of wanton waste of a life, a total disregard for the well being of another person, it has to be selfishness in the extreme, a state of being I could never imagine and I think that is why these things linger within us. It disturbs us to know that there are people walking among us who have no regard for anyone but themselves and that goes against the pack instinct, the community and social spiritedness of humanity let alone the instinct of a mother to protect her child or father to do the same.

    I heard about the child dying in the car and I saw a photo on FB today of a 1 year old little boy burned red whole torso by the sun, his mum posting to say “Whoops higher factor next time”.

    A 2 year old was found dead in his home just a few streets up from me the news reported this morning, thought to be dehydration from being left in an unventilated room in high temperatures.

    They stopped killing one another over in Gaza/Israel for a few days so that the Palestinian people can get some food in and do some banking.

    Someone, who we can only guess. Saw fit to take nearly 300 lives by blowing them out of the sky and then people saw fit to rob anything that was worth taking from amongst the bodies as they went on a looting spree.

    I watched a documentary about dentists and a 2 year old boy was having all of his rotten teeth removed and when asked on camera if she felt bad his mother said “why should I feel bad? He likes toffees why should he not be allowed to eat all of the toffees he wants, he’s a child? If he loses all of his teeth that’s nothing to do with me and so what if he does?”

    It’s a wonder I wasn’t depressed today, the sense of sorrow is heavy on my heart.

  2. So sad. So much could be said about this occurrence. Death tends to leave us dumbfounded and with more questions than answers. At least we have our loved ones to love.

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