Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day

Often poignant memories will flood my mind for no apparent reason.

I will sit and reminisce.

It brings up such feelings and emotions.

I found myself thinking back to a woman I knew a while back. She had been young, beautiful and married with a small child.

One day she decided she did not want to live and took her own life.

For days I struggled with her death. It was because of the parallels that existed in our lives. My mind could not comprehend her decision and my heart felt such sorrow for her child and family.

There was one word I could not get out of my mind.


I discussed it with my mother. We would talk about it and I disclosed to her sometimes my mind would think of these things. But I could not contemplate not being here on earth.

“She didn’t think tomorrow would be a better day.” My mother explained.

It clicked in my mind.

In our darkest days we temper our anger and fear by believing things shall get better in another day.

It propels us to push aside our pain to try and find a better place.

In the saddest times there will always be some light. A way we can grasp onto life and deal with these difficult concepts. Use it to improve our own situations and problems.

I shall never forget this woman.

In her tragic death I have delved into my own feelings and have found an inner peace.

No matter the situation I have hope for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a better day!


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day

  1. This is one reason I love blogging. To hear others’ stories of better days and to see they struggle sometimes just like me and see how they get through. Hugs to you Kim. You are doing a fantastic job of bettering your life and this self-reflection is good to motivate you to keep moving forward. Wishing you a happy, loving day 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, what a sad story. I can’t imagine feeling like thinks could never get better, that there is no hope 😦 it’s really hard to understand this deep depressive state. (((Hugs))) what happened is very sad and would be difficult to move past. Just keep her memory alive and make your journey a tribute to her.

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