Big Girl Mentality

I think I will never give up is my big girl mentality!

You develop certain feelings and preconceived notions about yourself and the world around you.

What exactly is a big girl mentality?

It’s hard to explain but it’s feeling that you are bigger than a lot of other people.

And this makes you stand out!

So here I go!

The Big Girl Mentality

Petite and Dainty are two words you would never use to describe yourself

Words used to describe you include chunky, stout, chubby, built, big boned and of course fat

You hate hearing whispers or laughs because you think its about you

The thought of getting on a scale make you nervous and almost in a panic

You hate to visit your doctor because they will give you the need to lose weight speech

Before you try on something you think it will not fit

You always believe the clothing that you like are not in your size

You despise numbers in the twenties

Loathe any number followed with an x

Prefer one piece bathing suits to hide your flaws if that is possible

Feel like you have been banished to the corner of the store to search for your size

Get kind of mad when skinny people are shopping at a plus size store

Think all plus size models must be a size 12!

Always thinking you are fat! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Big Girl Mentality

  1. About 7 or 8 years ago I won a radio contest called “What’s your beef”. It was a weekly thing where people would call in with something that was bothering them, sort of an on-air complaint session. The idea was to make the hosts laugh.

    My beef was with clothing racks in stores. I will have to write a longer post about this in my blog sometime, but the gist of it was that they make shopping for big people very difficult. For men, the biggest sizes are on the bottom shelf, where it is most difficult for us to see them. Bending over in tight aisles is always an adventure. That sort of thing.

    I totally get the fat girl / fat guy mentality thing. I am far from being skinny, so I still share these traits as well.

    Keep your head high. You will beat these. I am confident!

  2. I’m going through this, too. My daughters have been helping me wear clothing that’s the right size because I still tend to wear clothing that’s too big. I think it just takes adjustment. 🙂

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