Pull Yourself Up

I often read the words of others and can relate to their feelings.

One thing I feel a connection to are people writing about depression.
In my life I have felt this dark cloud overhead and have tried to bring the sunshine back in my life.

People scoff that mental illness is not a disease or its a condition that is brought on by the person themselves.

I refute these beliefs. In fact I find it is part brought on by environmental factors as well as your own body chemistry.

I describe depression as being in a haze. During these times my feelings were dulled and I preferred to be alone. The words I wanted to say were suppressed and tears came easy to my eyes. The lights were off and I would be holed up in my bedroom under the covers.

There is a saying that some good comes out of some bad. I find this is true with my depression. It has influenced my personal strength and has presented me with alternatives to deal with my feelings.

Instead of sitting and crying I channel my energy into my life or writings. You learn the signs and find methods to deal with the loneliness and isolation.

My advice would be to address your situation and feelings head on.

Ignoring how you feel will make you fall even further in life. The solutions are individual to the person and can involve medication or therapy. It can revolve around the good in life or be part of a emotional overhaul.

In closing you must pull yourself up. No one else can do it for you. It may take a day, week, month or years to feel better.

Grasp onto the tangible things in life and focus on healing.

Life is always worth the pain!


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