Lucky Me

It’s funny but sometimes some down time gives a person a chance to see how fortunate you are in your life.

My son asked me for some lunch so I made him a sandwich with some chips and fruit.

“Thanks Mommy for my lunch!” He told me.

I smiled and sat down for a moment.

It’s a beautiful cool day here in upstate New York. The breeze has been blowing in and it brings about a fresh perspective.

My place is small but so comfortable. There’s a beautiful wall filled with family pictures.

I went shopping yesterday so the house if full of food.

And my son is playing with imaginary characters. Keeping himself entertained.

I often complain about not having enough but I realize my feelings are not warranted.

If your family is happy, healthy and taken care of in life then other things seem insignificant.

Maybe we need to sit back and forget about keeping up with the Jones. Be happy to be secure.

I still worry about the unknown. The things that can happen in my life. But I push my fears aside.

Say to myself life is good!

Lucky me!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lucky Me

  1. You are very lucky! 🙂 I’ve raised my family in a little 1,100 square foot rancher. It’s small and we’ve always been on top of each other (especially in the bathroom!), but we’re an extremely close, loving family for having less space to spread out in! Hope you have a nice 4th! 🙂

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